Texturizer nightmare, What can I do to fix this?!

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I stand guilty of letting my curiosity get the better of me! I have 3b hair, and went natural after years of perming back in September. I just recently did a texturizer to stretch my curls, and my hair has gone completely straight. :angry4: I'm fuming. I've tried curl activators, conditioners and while wet my hair has a bit of curl, but no where near my fro! What should I do?! I'm close to cutting it all off again, but I don't want to make any drastic decisions before I get advice.

Ceci xx


  • Laney1Laney1 Posts: 308Registered Users
    I'm so sorry to hear that! I have the opposite problem, I have 3b/c hair and put a texturizer (Just for Me) on my hair a couple of weeks ago and it didn't do anything at all. I only left if on for about 4 minutes, so I'm doing it again this weekend to try and loosen up my curls just a bit.

    What brand and how long did you leave it on? I just want to make sure I don't use that kind!

    You might want to try a protein pack reconstructor for damaged hair (I've used Joico). I'm not sure what else. I hope it gets better!
    3B, with some 3C
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    The same thing happened to me :(( my 3b curls were ruined. There's no way to get it back now unless you grow it. Sorry :(

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    Hi TopsyTurvyCurly,

    Oh dear, sorry to hear this! Loosing some length might encourage it to curl more?

    What was the texturiser you used?

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