Toddler's 3a/3b hair

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My non-biracial 2.5 year old has some thick curly hair. I dont wash it but twice a week and on the other days just rinse really good and slap on a thick coat of conditioner - it's the coconut conditioner. My mind went black on the brand but I got it on here. While she is in the bath I brush out all the knots with a paddle brush (and I not suppose to use this? Am I only suppose to use a wide tooth comb?) Then rise conditioner out and towel dry hair very lightly. Then I put in with my fingers the Knot Today stuff. Then we go to bed and in the morning it's HORRIFIC. The past month poor thing has been going to daycare with a fro. It's knoty and crazy. I dont want to brush her dry curls and even if I spray leave-in cond in it I still cant brush it. What do I do? Should I just stick her under the tub and brush with a wide tooth comb?


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    I don't know how long or short your daughter's hair is, but you may want to try putting it in two or three big twists or braids after you apply the
    LI then either cover with a scarf or bonnet or if she sleeps too wild and these won't stay on her head, get her a satin pillowcase. This keeps the hair detangled and "organized" (for lack of a better term). have
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    Hi, I have a 3 year old boy who has a lot of curls and ringlets. I tend to just get his hair wet in his morning shower and then use a tangle teaser to get out tangles and redefine his fuzzy am curls. It seems to suit him as he hates me trying to touch it too much, and he asks to shower in the morning.

    I like the tangle teaser as there is no way even a wide tooth comb could get hrough his tangles without a lot of tears. He even asks for it and tries to do it himself.

    Hope you find a solution.
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    Uh, ok...

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