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hiya! im new but ive been desperate to finally start treating my hair better. im having a horrible time finding products as i just moved to New Zealand.. but really that doesn't matter as i used a different product each month in the united states in search of the "one". just never found it. ive always kept my budget to under $10 and its going to have to change.
im a 3a i guess, my hair is now short(chin length), it cannot be straightened unless its by a professional, ive tried and friends have tried, its a horrible result. i had it straightened in a salon once and it was dry and brittle looking, not very nice. there are a few 3b qualitys to my hair. but its so thick and heavy that the curls are larger. its such a messy disaster when its long that ive had to cut 12+ inches multiple times because i couldn't control its frizzy long curls (with a somewhat flat top when its really long). its soft, not shiny and yes it gets really frizzy.
first- my hair does best with a cream product however the alcohol in them im sure is leaving my hair dry. i have to wash my hair constantly as the products leave flaky/sticky residue. i have to use lots to control it.
i want to go natural to avoid some of the chemicals that may be doing this, but alcohol is the main thing i want to stay away from. if i use a good product maybe i can use less and do less damage and my hair will regain health?

at salons the ladys add tiny bits of a good cream or gel they recommend, but never enough and i get home to a huge fuzzy mess. not one time have i went to a salon and came home happy, so i now cut and style it on my own. no one on the planet has this living mass of insanity on their head. HELP!

-pomade- i used one when i had short hair, would it be to much for longer hair? id have to use to much and it would be greasy i fear...this is the natural brand here in n.z. im looking into
dollop | All natural hair styling pomade

-creams-ive had the best luck with creams but this is another heavy cream maybe meant for short hair? they dont give me a grand description but the lady in the salon has said this would be the best for me..its also natural and the only natural cream i can find not containing lots of garbage.
Kevin Murphy - Products - Styling

- water based- the brush through sort of products. i am considering this one, it contains more chemicals then id like, but not bad..they also carry a liquid hairspray for midday and promise no residue. they also offer a curl styling relaxer thats pretty natural, but im not sure if its meant to straighten my curls.. i have no idea what to think about these .. with water based it seems like its going to be hard to work with.
Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper - Hair products for curly women
Curly Hair Solutions EXTENZZ - Hair products for curly women

another water based more natural product.
iHerb.com - Product Reviews Giovanni, Sunset Styling Lotion, Hair Changer, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml)

im just totally lost and on a budget. it will be a shame to have to work through this entire expensive list and still not find something i like. i haven't seen many reviews so i thought id try here. if anyone has any good knowledge on products of this sort or hair like mine some info would be fabulous. or maybe there is a better section for me to get answers, im still new and not sure where i should post!.

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    Hi nikolye,

    Your best bet, before purchasing a lot of products which may/may not work, is to determine your hair's properties. Check out the LCLF site. Live Curly Live Free - Home It's vital to know your hair properties (Texture, Density, Porosity, Elasticity) and then choose products which fit into those categories. Your curl pattern (you believe 3a) isn't as important as its properties. I fell into the "oh I'm a 3a" trap, however I have fine hair & products that work for me may be too light for a 3a with medium or course hair. It's a lot of trial and error as well. You hair may love/hate oils or proteins. It may do best with gel rather than mousse. Also climate (humidity etc) plays a role in which products will work better for you. I know it's terribly frustrating, but don't get discouraged. It just takes awhile to absorb all the information.

    If you are able, I'd recommend purchasing the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey. It has so much information in it. Make sure you get the revised version, it has a lot of updates due to the abundance of CG (Curly Girl) friendly products now available.

    Also, when you decide to embrace CG, you will need to do a final sulfate wash using a shampoo which doesn't contain silicones. I believe baby shampoo falls into this category and you could purchase a travel size from a store. (Double check this to be certain) This last sulfate wash is vital. If you don't do it, all your efforts will most likely fail. You need a clean, silicone free surface to start.

    One more thing to know is your hair will go through a transitioning period. It could take a little as two weeks or as long as several months before your hair looks great. Knowing this should keep you from quitting when you don't see immediate results. I didn't see great results until 6 weeks in.

    Once you figure out your hair's properties, a great place to look is at the other curly's signatures. It is extremely helpful for product recommendations. Although I'm positive most products in the States may not be available in NZ, it will still give you a jumping off point.

    Also, check out the newbies link. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/newbies-info-introductions/ There are several sticky threads at the top of the forum. Start with the first sticky and work down. There are loads of links in each thread to articles, methods/how to and products.

    It's a lot of reading but your hair will thank you for it! Hope that helps. Good luck!

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    thank you so much jrock, im starting my reading.. eventually maybe find the book, but i have enough from the livecurly site and this one to keep me going awhile. i finally tossed my 3 year old in front of the telly and got into my reading.. ive started by using a natural shampoo and cond.. making a flax seed gel and next step is to find a big tshirt for drying my hair. but the sites are giving me lots of insight. thanks. ill keep on reading!:laughing6:

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    Hi there

    There is an online website I came across recently retailing curly hair products in New Zealand it sellsproducts like Mixed chicks, jessicurl, curls,MopTop, Curly hair solutions and many more here's the link Beautifully Curly hope it helps.I personally haven't purchased from them yet.
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    thank you, ive run across that site and eventually may purchase some of the items. i think i got a bit overwhelmed by the prices on hair products here and have decided to go as natural as possible. so im making my own fsg, occasionally clarifying w/BS and rinsing w/ACV.. deep conditioning w/a mixture base of avo or banana... its working so far. but eventually ill need something else im sure unless i start putting preservatives in my fsg or carry a fridge with me when i go away! then ill start having to look what people like and buy. but i really like the sukin products in australia, i hope they start selling a gel! im going to try aloe vera gel next! all trial and error!

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    It's buyer beware with Beautifully curly. They do not answer their phone at any time of the day, don't respond to voice messages or emails and more importantly do not ship products I have paid for! They told me it was out of stock in Jan 2014 and since then have not responded to any communication nor have they refunded my money. It makes me so :blob:. I am going to be taking them to dispute through my credit card co. TG for the Consumers Guarantee Act.

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