spinoff- solids/table food and the 11 month old

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i saw the other post on solid foods and realized, i have some questions for you!

-what age do you start letting them try to spoon their own food? owen just got the grasp of feeding himself with his hands in teh past couple weeks. now i can only put down 2 goldfish or pieces of cereal at a time, because otherwise, he'll cram as many in his mouth at once as he can. is he ready to try the spoon? will he know what to do?

-i want to get owen on table food exclusively. these level 3 jars are just not cutting it. he's getting expensive with all these jars. we have him eating more and more table food, but i guess i feel like he still needs to baby food just to fill the cracks and make sure he's getting enough. he's still nursing and getting 4 5oz bottles a day at daycare. he eats 1 jar fruit and 1 jar meal each day in addition to all the table foods. i guess i just don't want him to starve...but eventually i should just stop sending the food to day care and let him live off what she's preparing for him....right?

-how do you get the baby to stop taking the bottle and switch to cups or sippies? owen drinks water from a small glass, and he takes it from a sippy cup with a straw. i'm hoping to start introducing cow's milk in the next month to him, but i don't want him to take it from his bottles so he knows it's different. (does that make sense?) i'm hoping to pump wean in the next couple months, and just nurse when we're at home. how do you transition babies to cow milk from breast milk & bottles?

thanks for the help!

oh and i wanted to say how much i like the Kashi MightyBites cereal/snacks. they're shaped like little people. i feel better giving them to him. more fiber, some protein, and that kinda stuff. not just cheerios...i don't know. i guess they just seem more substantial.
anyother secret snacks that you love?
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    I think he will be fine with just table foods. You can cut out 1 at a time and see how he does.

    As far as transitioning, I started giving Ben water and cow milk in the sippy cup. Bottles were just for breastmilk. When I stopped pumping, he stopped getting bottles. I breastfed for 10 months after I stopped pumping so it's definitely possible.

    And give him a spoon and see what he does. Let him play with it, just be ready for messes.
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    S has no interest in the spoon but will feed herself anything she can pick up (I also have to limit it to a few pieces at a time or she'll eat them all). I also like that Little Dipper thing for stuff like smooshed avacado or hummus (which she LOVES) or even yogurt.

    I like the small jars of diced veg and fruit. At home, I just cut up whatever I'm eating, but when we're out it's nice to have something pre-cut and resealable.
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    I stopped feeding B the jarred baby food around 9 months. Once she got the hang of self feeding finger foods, I worked everything into that. Really, they figure out how to eat everything with their hands!

    I gave her things like pasta - she could pick up pieces of ziti off her tray; and cut up carrot rounds - I'm lazy, so I gave her canned carrot slices, but any kind will do, same goes with green beans, and peas. Kids don't have to eat an actual "meal" like adults do. As long as a baby is getting in fruits and vegetables, and some grains (Cheerios are good for that), they're fine. For protein things like Lentils work well.

    I think by the 11 month stage I moved onto Gerber Graduates. Some of the things were gross, but some things worked out well. They have little meals put together that you can give them on lazy days. I'd put some stuff in a bowl and give her a spoon if she wanted to try at it, but that usually made such a mess. If I remember correctly, it was a while before she fed herself with a spoon. She finger fed herself food for a long time.
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    I think he'll do fine on the table foods alone. That's what I've done with both, exlusively and they don't look like they've missed any meals. :lol: I guess since I personally prefer highly seasoned stuff and they've been getting a taste for it via breastmilk they have no problem going from breastmilk to table foods. It really helps to just serve the food on my plate and give him bites off the plate. Both have been way more interested in food that's on mommy's plate than if I just serve it on theirs.

    As far as letting them eat on their own we started Ian around 12-13 months purely on his own with a spoon. With Ryan I'm letting him do the hand stuff way earlier since he enjoys it and actually ends up getting a good bit of food in his mouth. As far as snacks around here favorites are definitely hummus, any fruit chunks, granola (both storebought and homemade), pretzel rods, and any leftovers from dinner reheated for lunch.

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