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Vancouver seems to have a million low-to-high-end salons, but it seems like they all either cater to the straight "modern" styles, or hipster/punk hair.

It strikes me as odd, given the granola vibe (especially in Kits), but I've gotten desperate for someone who doesn't just think that curls need to be cut in a straight line and sit directly on my shoulders. In the past 5 years, I have had my hair cut three times. Otherwise, I cut it myself to mixed results.

I've gone to a couple of stylists who were fine, but subscribed to the no-muss "curly cut" (ie. straight and neither long nor short), and one stylist (Karyn Rundance) who is featured on numerous sites as a "curl expert," yet she also gave me the "curly cut" and refused to experiment with short hair on me because I was about to go on vacation. I've since gone on a backpacking vacation with short curls and it was the best my hair has ever looked (and I cut it myself).

I went to Aveda when I was 18 for prom and had a really bad experience with the woman who styled my hair, but I think she may have just been a trainee.

I really want someone who knows how to work with curls and isn't afraid to experiment. Also -- and this is going to sound high-maintenance -- I would prefer a more down-to-earth stylist.


  • vikkivmavikkivma Registered Users Posts: 14
    Slight update: I asked a girl at my work with gorgeous 3a curls who cuts her hair, and she told me that the person to see at The Beehive is Sarah, not Sarah Jane. I saw a few Beehive reviews and wrote it off because of the negative one that said SJ is a big fan of "thinning," which I hate, but my co-workers curls are really bold and thick and definitely have not been subjected to thinning sheers.

    I might give Sarah a shot and then come back with my review.
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    How did your haircut go?

    I have tried three stylists after deciding to wear my hair naturally curly, but I didn't have much good experience except for my first stylist (she's not working anymore). I am desperate in finding a good stylist, and hope to get a haircut in about two weeks.

    I was thinking about going to Maria (!maria) because of a few reviews on Yelp, and that her description says she is passionate about curly hair and wear it herself. However, if you had a great experience with Sarah, I'd like to see her too.

    Thanks for your help! =)
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