Do you rake or scrunch in products?

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I wish I could rake in product (kccc) but when I do, I turn my curls into wirey waves but at least they're not tangled, lumpy or frizzy.

I usually rinse off conditioner flipped over then apply kccc, flip back over and scrunch in more kccc. I get spiral curls but kind of tangled and messy.

I wish I could rake in product because it evenly distributes but yet achieve my spiral curls.:(


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    I was having this same issue. What worked for me was combing my hair with a detangling comb right before I rake and scrunch my last product. So a typical day looks like this: after shower, rake and scrunch LI, rake and scrunch curl cream (+CK if diffusing), comb hair to re-clump, rake and scrunch gel, plop. I believe the super-soaker method also involves combing (or brushing with a denman), but I don't have the patience to re-wet my hair after all of that.
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    Maybe you could rake in product, like a curl cream or something, then try a super-soaker method (or whatever the method is where you scrunch in water to reform clumps) and apply your gel or whatever product you want to use to give you your spiral curls? :)

    I also like the sound of Corrina's method.

    But I personally just rake in products and then squeeze (not scrunch upward, but squish vertically) a few sections of my hair to reform them into clumps.
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    I've also had similar problems with the rake & shake method--my hair is so long and thick that it just turns into spaghetti curls!

    I love scrunching though, especially scrunch n' pump. My only peeve is that it can be hard to get the back canopy area.
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    Scrunch and Pump works for me for product distribution. I've used KCCC before but didn't love it, and getting it distributed well was one problem (although I didn't especially love what it did for my hair even after I got it distributed anyway). But scrunch and pump works great for FSG which is my favorite styler.
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    Have you watched the DVD in the newer version of the CG book?? I could never use all of the product that the models used, but it taught me to be really gentle with my hair. After I smooth the product on canopy and again on underside, I may gently finger comb my product in and then scrunch. It all depends if I think it's distributing well.
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    :) What works for me is gently raking my product through my wet hair, section by section, I then comb it through with a wide toothed comb to make sure it is evenly distributed before tipping my head upside down and scrunching to get the curls forming before diffusing. Once my hair is dry and after I've SOTC I'm ready to face the day (oh, after a strong coffee that is!:thumright:)
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  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,831Administrators, Moderators Administrator
    I do a little of both: I rake, taking really big, chunky sections, then scrunch.

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  • Leigh'07Leigh'07 Posts: 183Registered Users
    i rake my products in then after i'm done styling i gently scrunch to reform my curls before i diffuse. I don't have spirals just deep s-curls so that's probably why i don't have a problem raking.
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  • Robin-in-FLRobin-in-FL Posts: 1,731Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I comb through curl cream or leave in, then scrunch in gel. Lotsa scrunching, very wet hair, lots of gel, sort of dabbed in at the roots/middles then scrunched in from the ends up, in sections, squish squish squish until it feels distributed then scrunch-squeeze it pretty hard to get the water out. Works like a charm.
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  • vanek07vanek07 Posts: 86Registered Users
    Yeah I only rake in my leave in conditioner and the other creamy, or serumy products (Re:coil, CK), but after that I have to scrunch in gels or whatever I use. My hair looks awful and feels awful if I don't. But I like how it comes out. I just make sure to use lots of gel -- and start upside down and then scrunch both sides right side up. Then I know my whole head is covered, so I'm not worried about no being able to distribute product everywhere. :)
  • MafiaPrincessMafiaPrincess Posts: 57Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    Smooth my leave-in onto very-damp-not-so-wet hair, let it sit for 5 minutes, finger detangle, take a nice dollop of aloe Vera gel, rub it between my palms and directly proceed to scrunch. 
  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,831Administrators, Moderators Administrator

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    You are beautiful!
  • justkaty5justkaty5 Posts: 103Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    Typically, I smooth and rake products in and scrunch a few times at the very end to spring the waves back to life. I've found that scrunching doesn't distribute the product very well.
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  • WavyKfromNJWavyKfromNJ Posts: 853Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    I do a rake, smooth, then scrunch.

    I always feel like a miss a bunch of my hair if I don't rake.
    I smooth to help reform the curls broken up by the rake.
    Scrunch to boost the curls.
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  • machermacher Posts: 1,030Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I wish I could rake in product (kccc) but when I do, I turn my curls into wirey waves but at least they're not tangled, lumpy or frizzy.

    I usually rinse off conditioner flipped over then apply kccc, flip back over and scrunch in more kccc. I get spiral curls but kind of tangled and messy.

    I wish I could rake in product because it evenly distributes but yet achieve my spiral curls.:(

    When I apply conditioner in the shower I use a wide tooth comb to ‘rake it in’ then when I rinse I scrunch while I rinse out the conditioner. 
  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,831Administrators, Moderators Administrator
    Rake it in. 

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    You are beautiful!
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    Scrunch and Squish
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    Rake. It breaks up my curls so once everything's in I rake again with wet hands and it reclumps them. Can't scrunch, causes too much frizz and stringiness.
    3b in South Australia.

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