Spring haircut?

Hello! I'm tired of dealing with my semi-long hair, and the weather is getting warm, so I scheduled a haircut for tomorrow. I am about a 2c. Here is a picture of my hair:
(Or at least this is the best I have!)


I am thinking of getting my hair cut to the top of my neck with choppy layers. I have cut my hair to my shoulders before, and learned that my hair gets curlier when it's shorter. Will cutting my hair short like that be dangerous? Will it look good or bad? What are some ways to style curly hair that short? Thanks! :)


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    Wow... katyelizabeth, you have BEAUTIFUL hair. It looks lovely long but I imagine short would work too. Did you go for it in the end? I'm also thinking of switching to a short style for a bit but am scared to! My hair is a bit curlier than yours naturally, but I confess... I straighten it occasionally and then leave it to go into waves that curl at the ends. I really want it cut into a messy kind of bob that gets shorter at the back. Any advice for how to get over 'the fear' if you did go ahead with the chop...?
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    I think shorter would look cute. And most of the time hair is curlier shorter. I always get layers, shorter around my crown because it doesn't curl like the rest of my hair. I'm tryin to get mine into the shape of an inverted bob. I've gotten a lot cut out of it because of major over coloring and stripping.
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    Your Hair is beautiful the length it is, but if you are sick of it...cut it I'm sure of will still be pretty!

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    Hi! I did go through with the haircut... Twice. The first time, it was a bit above my shoulders and it looked like a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle when I brushed it out. I liked it, but decided to go shorter. It's somewhat of a long pixie now, and I love it! I have layers and swooping bangs. It's still curly and bouncy, but a lot lighter for summer. I get lots of compliments from strangers on it. I brush out my bangs and let the rest dry curly now. It looks cute with a headband or one clip on the side.