Devachan Westchester cut

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Thought I'd share. Like the style and color...though I'm not sure if the stylist cut enough....


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    Beautiful curls! Was this your first time at a Devachan salon? How was your experience?

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    I had been straightening for about three years and using a lot of professional strength flat irons on a high setting. Needless to say my natural 3b curls were really damaged. I had a few of inches of spiral at the root and then several inches of what looked like straight hay like hair with no curl what so ever. I made an appointment with Lois based on a few reviews I had read and on the fact that I wanted to stay in Westchester county. I have several years ago seen several stylists in NYC--but this time was delighted to try the location near home. I explained to Lois that I wanted to go back to curly but really didn't like the transitioning look, so she could take off as much as she wanted. I pretty much left the style up to her. This wasn't easy because I had never had really short hair but I have to say I'm so happy with the decision. Lois was absolutely great. She spent so much time with me looking at my facial structure, jaw bones and figuring out the right cut for my face. I truly believe you have to be an artist and have a special eye and she definitely has both. Also I explained that I sometimes will wear my hair straight so she took the time to blow my hair out and made a few adjustment so that the curly cut would work straight also. My hair is shorter than it's ever been but it really works on my face and I've gotten so many complements. Thank you Lois!!!! My profile pic gives you an idea of the shape of the cut but you don't see the curls too well. Hopefully I'll get to post better pics soon.

    BTW, when it comes to having your hair set up in the Deva clips…..Jamie is great!!!

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    I love your cut! it is so flattering on your face and your curls just lay perfectly and look so healthy and defined.
    I have only gone to remi in white plains and he was a jr. stylist at the time . can you tell me how much Lois charges?
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    How much did the cut cost ?
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    I got my first Deva cut at the White Plains Devachan about a year and a half ago. My cut was with a senior stylist and it was about $150. If you're near NYC, you should try following DevaCurl and Devachan on Facebook because they regularly ask for hair models- I actually got my second Deva cut that way. Even though it's a stylist who's just finished the training, they're under very close supervision. My cut was still fantastic.
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    tots5678 wrote: »
    Beautiful curls! Was this your first time at a Devachan salon? How was your experience?

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    Sorry it took me so long to respond. Just saw your post! I had a great experience but I ended up going back to Ana in the SOHO Broome Street Salon. She gives me a fabulous cut! That picture was the second time I'd gotten a Deva Cut. I've been getting them every six months or so and have had 4 cuts total. Have you tried it yet?
  • kimrisakimrisa Registered Users Posts: 23
    Marixpress wrote: »
    How much did the cut cost ?

    I think it was around $110 for that cut. Senior deva stylists charge even 175!
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    THanks for sharing your positive experience, CurlyRuthie. When was the last time you went to Lois? And thanks for the tip for Jamie. I'll ask for her next time I'm there. I actually think the White Plains salon does a nicer deva set with clips than the SOHO one. My mom got a Deva cut by Meg at the White Plains Salon and I couldn't believe how much time she spent with my mom, asking what she was looking for in a cut and explaining the whole process every step of the way.

    Have you ever gotten coloring at the White Plains salon? If so, any recommendations? I've heard good things about Charles...

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