Are higher dye content hennas worth it?

ElderflowerElderflower Registered Users Posts: 176
I'm not happy with how henna covers my grays (or NOT covers them I should say) or henna and indigo. But since I've used indigo in my hair, I'm afraid to go back to boxed dyes or salon color.

I've bought a couple samples but I didn't get a chance to try them on gray hair so I don't know how it will do. I don't have many grays but the ones I do are stubborn and in noticeable locations. Is mehandi a lot better than Jamila? My Jamila is BAQ. Also, is it possible to cover grays with henna glosses? I prefer that method to straight-on henna. I read that it can add just as much color as plain henna and water (and a dab of lemon). Is this true?

I specifically am interested in the Rajastani Twilight henna. That is the highest dye content. I've used some of their lower content like Jamila. Thank you.


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    I've had very good luck with Mehandi henna, but you will get more coverage if you use the blend you choose straight, not as a gloss.
  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Registered Users Posts: 524
    I don't know much about indigo, but I do know that henna on it's own covers my gray extremely well-much better than permanent colour. I understand in order to get better dark hair results on gray hair a 2 step process in involved.

    I remember seeing it in the henna for hair book:
    Henna for Hair

    Maybe you have extremely resistant gray though, and nothing will work easily without extreme damage.
  • ElderflowerElderflower Registered Users Posts: 176
    Thanks, you two. Yeah I have a whole brand new thing of Jamila BAQ or I'd buy Mehandi's now. Something I didn't think of is semi-perm color. That is what my grandma always used on her gray hair. I think though if there is any ammonia or peroxide it's a baddie?

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