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Hello Ladies,
I am new on this site but I have learned so much since joining a few days ago. Thank you so much for all the advice that is given here. I need to know where you go to get your hair cut. I have been natural for a year now and when I did the big chop it was at Great Clips. The (black) girl did not know how to get my hair even because she had never cut natural hair before. So she just cut where the straight and natural hair met leaving only my natural hair when she was done. (I mentioned she was black so you all know from the start that she did not mess my hair up just because she may have been white and never cut black hair before. No, she was a sista.)Needless to say, my hair was uneven. I have not had it cut since. This was 12 months ago. Please tell me where I can go to get it done. I was thinking about a barbershop since they cut natural mens hair every day. But I think that is a little extreme since I wear a big thick arofro. Thanks to all that reply.


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    You need to post this in the 4a section. Seriously doubt many will see this here because this section is for questions on low porosity.
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