How to style curly hair in short spikey style.

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My teen son is thinking about cutting his hair really short and using some kind of product to spike it up. Gel doesn't really work on curly hair any suggestions? I would like it to look like Justin Timberlake when his hair is really short.I have attached a photo of the style we like.


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    How many gels have you tried? Maybe what you've used before just didn't have a strong enough hold. I like the mild hold I get with my homemade FSG, but when my son uses gel (only from time to time), he uses the LA Sport blue gel which has a stronger hold, and it works for him. HTH.
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    Try pomades.
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    I would also recommend trying something like Garnier Fructis' Extra Strong Fiber Gum's readily available and sounds like it could meet your son's styling needs. HTH!
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    in my opinion, tell your son that curly hair is supposed to be grown out, because being big is what this hair style is all about. he's got it, so tell him to flaunt it!!:happy8:
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