I don't like my hair ! :(

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My hair is just HORRIBLE! One section is usually soft and curly (like 3c-4a curls) some parts are usually coarse and dry, sometimes some parts are kinky, and some parts even wavy. Most parts are also usually SO DRY! AND I drink A LOT of water! When I wash it, it gets tangled BADLY and shrinks DRASTICALLY. (My hair is different in like 4 different areas)

I want to wear it natural, but I'm scared of how it might come out, because one minutes a product works for it, and my hair's manageable - and the next minute it isn't. I really want to wear it natural though, (besides braids and twists). I just don't know how my hair works :sad5: I can't even name my hair type because my hair changes so much.

Please give me advice on what my problem possibly is, and how I can make my hair more manageable (besides protective styling). I REALLY would like to wear my natural hair and be able to like it. Maybe I just don't have nice hair ? :sad11:

I'm 14 by the way


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    oh my doll, im sure your hair is great. at 14 i didn't know what to do with my hair either. but don't worry, it gets better.(: I have 3c at the front, 4b at the sides, and 4a in the back, trust me, i know it can get rough sometimes. Once you learn how to angle your hair you find out that a lot of things work.It's mostly about showing all of your textures in their best light. I pineapple, apply gel, and go alot of the time. And on church days I apply gel and let it hang. I love ecostyler and aloe vera gel and that curls pomade. I can't tell you if these will work for you, but i do know that once you get it, your hair turns out amazing almost everyday. don't lose hope doll.

    I've always been natural.
    Bra Strap Length When stretched shoulder length when curly
    coarse and dense with high porosity
    Lisa Ray Cleanse and Condition
    aloe vera gel
    my oil mixture
    Jane Carter Solutions Shampoo and conditioner
    and I use just regular shea butter to seal my edges
  • LuxurieLuxurie Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thank you ! I hope I find what works for me :)

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