Shea butter cleared up my skin!

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I was/am a rough and outdoor person so I have always had scars from bugs and random scratches (my skin scars easily. Basically if it breaks the skin a scar is left behind). Anyway I started using a Shea butter mix (right now I only add coconut olive oil) on my hair and skin back in Aug or Sept I think. Since it was winter I really wasn't paying any attention to my skin because it was never showing. Anyway I pulled out my shorts yesterday and was watching tv and just looked down at my legs and oh my they haven't looked this clear since I was small child. I was in awe. I still have a few stubborn scars but they have lighten quite a bit too. I ordered some cocoa butter today and hopefully that will take out the last few. Now I should add that eventhough I have acne scars I never dared to put the Shea butter on my face because I have oily skin and was afraid it would cause breakouts. It should have the same effect on the face though I would think. I just wanted to share. I wish I had been paying attention while this was happening because I could've told you when I started seeing the results. Oops.

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