Baking Soda and Vinegar Rinse Soley?

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Does anyone one do the Baking soda wash and Vinegar rinse soley? If so, how often do you do each (together and/or separately). Do you rinse your hair after the vinegar rinse or is that the last step...

Ive been having a really hard time with shampoos either killing my hair or my skin lately and I tried this method and IM SOLD! But with that said, I want to see if anyone has some tried and true methods? Thanks Everyone!
Love my Curls, but they need a swift kick in the ass!!!

-2b-3b Fine, med tex, med porosity, over moistured/easily weighed down, protein loving Curls!!!
-Live in South Florida and trying to figure out what to do with this hair of mine...


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    Hi, this is what I do. 1-2 times I week, I use the baking soda and vinegar to cleanse and moisturize my hair. That's all I use. At first, my hair looked so bad, but after a month or two or three, it is bouncy, springy, fresh, and clean. I don't use any sprays or gels, as you are not supposed to using this method. If, after the transition period for bs & acv your hair still gets dry, I use just a dab of coconut oil spread on the ends in the shower after I use the acv conditioner or I use it on frizzy mornings. That's it. I had dandruff/dry scalp before the method, and it's much better! :0) You can go on Youtube and type in ErinBranham, she has natural no-'poo recipes for sprays, deep condish, etc. It's a vid series. If, after the t period, your hair's still dry, you can amp up the vinegar amount in the dilution and decrease the bs. Ask me any q's. I'll answer as best I can.
  • noooodle!noooodle! Registered Users Posts: 18
    this is a topic that im looking into as a planning on not using any shampoo, hairspray, or creams.. just the co-wash and a natural thick moisturizer... but i plan to do the once a week or twice b.s. acv clarify..(i only used to shampoo once or twice a week before) is this true you should not be using gels? im making the flax seed gel, and have been.. but i can't imagine not using any at all... i also made a spritz from a few kitchen goodies from all natural stuff.. ive not yet started the whole cg thing, but will tomorrow and im still a bit unsure of when to do certain things and what not to combine it with...
    figure from what ive read...this is my game plan!

    daily-(or every other)
    co wash (cheap cg friendly)
    then thicker natural moisturizer ( i guess a bit as normal then more as a leave in )
    gel (flax seed)
    plop in a old tshirt and dry

    b.s. and acv clairify
    -also but not necessary at the same time-
    grape seed oil seal (seems important part)

    all natural deep condition (avo or babyfood bannana base)

    when in need-
    home made spritz on dull hair (high acid water mix w/some more goodies)

    not sure what im doing but would love to get opinions

    American Kiwi

    :chef: “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein
  • stina84stina84 Registered Users Posts: 136
    Hey girls!

    Well Im happy to say that Ive really been liking the no poo method! My hair is much happier, but im still trying to work out the kinks.

    Ive been doing bs wash once a week and ACV Rinse every 2-3 days...nothing in between. my hair did not like sunflower see was super oily and grimy.

    Ive also tried using aloe juice, which I cant decide just yet if I like it or not. It doesnt dry my hair out as much as the BS, but my hair gets greasier faster with it.

    my hair still feels dry but soft...its very weird. Im going to try doing the distilled water with BS and Vinegar, and maybe start playing around with Citric Acid (Fruit Fresh) Lemon Juice as well as different teas.

    @Nooooodle, if you go to the link below, its a great website about no pooing.

    The only think I cant figure out is if im loosing my curls due to no pooing or because I REALLY need a hair cut...its getting chopped on thursday so well see!!!

    @gigi98: What do you do in between your washes? my hair goes flat after one day, so If I want to have curls, I have to wet my hair every day, but its not really liking the WO...but it does seem to really like vinegar rinses.
    Love my Curls, but they need a swift kick in the ass!!!

    -2b-3b Fine, med tex, med porosity, over moistured/easily weighed down, protein loving Curls!!!
    -Live in South Florida and trying to figure out what to do with this hair of mine...
  • gigi98gigi98 Registered Users Posts: 5
    Basically, I don't have enough time in the morning to wet my hair completely, but my hair is also really flat when i sleep on it. I just have a spray bottle full of water and a couple drops of lavender oil for scent. In the morning, I spray my hair, mostly at the root, then scrunch upside down. When I flip my hair back up, I get 2 large clips-not sure what they are called- and clip the top of my hair to where the roots aren't weighed down and can dry lifted. Before I leave I just undo the clips, scrunch, maybe add a dash of coconut oil on frizz, and go.

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