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I am very new to CG (since 01/01/2012) so I'm still learning. I've read so much on this site that my brain's curly section imploded! I think I've figured my hair's properties: Thin, Fine, & Low Porosity (Not sure of elasticity yet). My curl pattern is 3a.

The past few months I've only co-washed but the build up was so awful that two weeks ago I caved & purchased the Giovanni Smooth As Silk Shampoo. My question is concerning the Amodimethicone. I know it's on the "slightly soluble" list of cones, where it's good for some & not so for others. I've only been using it once a week & co-washing the other days. I was wondering if any other curlies used this shampoo & had a problem with the cone or build up because it's sulfate free.

I'm open to other CG friendly poo's too if anyone has some recommendations.

TIA for your help!

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    I have not used that one but I have heard that you can get amodimethicone out with coco-betaine. That being said I have used products with amodimethicone without any significant build up. I do find some times that if get a lot of build up from products I can either get it out with a baking soda wash followed by ACV or I just reach for a (get ready to cringe) sulfate shampoo. I just pre poo with some oil and do a good DT after. So far I haven't had any problems doing this but then again I only do this is absolutely necessary maybe every 3-4 months
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    Thanks curlangel0690! I also pre-poo with olive oil & honey. I've noticed it's really helping my hair stay soft. I've never tried the baking soda/acv rinse but will keep it in mind.

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