Stripping my hair

Brooke-Brooke- Registered Users Posts: 21
I just want to start over. I'm sick of dying my dirty blonde hair! Its killing my curls and my wallet. And I'm not even getting good results. >:(

I've bleached it on and off, dyed it brown, then red, then brown again.
So, fellow curlies, what would you suggest I do? I'm going to chop a lot off after stripping and I'm not dying it again till I get greys.
Any suggestions on minimizing damage?


  • letta510letta510 Registered Users Posts: 60
    Don't strip it because that is basically bleach. Use a semi color you want and deep condition with a protein and a moisture conditioner
  • Brooke-Brooke- Registered Users Posts: 21
    Oh I just saw this. Thanks for the reply ,but I actually want to get the dark red color out of my hair. Sorry for not being very clear. I'm pretty sure bleach will be the only answer... Oh well I wanna go blonde again anyways.

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