questions for post menopausal curlies

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My curls have changed. I used to have mostly waves, 2C some 3A, now I have somewhere between 3A and 3B, even. So I had to change my routine and I need help. I have started using Curl Keeper, and it works well, but I need a bit more hold, and hold that will not tighten the curl. (unfortunately, its easy for my hair to get small, frizzy curls with the wrong products or handling). Yes I diffuse. Yes have a curlease towel. Yes I let it air dry as much as possible. But I dont know what will go well with the CK (although I recently ordered the gel, havent received it yet.) I would like to know if others have had this issue (curls changing after menopause) and SPECIFICALLY what I might try to get looser, well defined curls with the CK. Thanks!:tongue8:

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