Curly Hair not as curly!

I have 3A hair (fine, spirally curly hair but lots of body). Well, I find that over the years it is getting harder to manage (i'm only 33!) and my curls are just not that curly anymore. At times I actually have to take a curling iron to curl the spirals back into some of my hair. I know washing my hair everday is not good..but my second day hair is flat....almost straight/wavy and lifeless! If I don't wash it..then I have to put it in a ponytail.....but overwashing dries out my hair!!!My hair is past my shoulders with layers...or my hair would be flat. Ever since I had children (had my 2nd six mnths ago) my hair has changed and I just want my spirally curly hair back. I used to just spritz water on it and it would curl I need a curling iron!! My hair actually looks its best when it is humid (spring and fall hair for me is the best)....but the winter is killing my hair (it's really cold where I live) Any ideas to spring the curl back in my hair!

P.S - i just bought Paul Mitchells Sculpting Foam and it did NOTHING for my actually made it flatter!

Want my spirally curls back momma
Maria Daoust