Have you ever seen that video curly vs straight?

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Many years ago, I saw a video in which they set up situations where they would send a woman with curly on a job interview and then get opinions of her from the interviewers. Then, they sent the same person in with straight hair, same with dating. Does anyone remember ever seeing this? I can't seem to find it anywhere.



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    sounds like something Dateline would produce on What Would You Do?

    But wouldn't they notice when the same girl came in? Unless they had completely different interviewers and totally changed how she looked...
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    Check this out. I just read this on a blog:
    First impressions count. Many closet curlies are married to a flat iron because they think men prefer the smooth, straight look over curls or kinks. And when you can maneuver your mane in either direction, you have the option of changing your visual impression when meeting someone new.
    But should you? And would it really make a difference?
    To find out, I embarked on an unscientific social experiment. Newly single in New York City, I joined a popular online dating service and posted two profiles. They were identical in every way—except one. The first profile included a picture of my hair flat-ironed straight. For the other, my hair was naturally curly. After one month showcasing the straight profile and the next month curly, more than twice as many men responded to the straight look.

    More Details:
  • ChristineCurlyChristineCurly Registered Users Posts: 3
    OK, here's another video:
    Curly or Straight? | Video - ABC News
  • xocandiixocandii Registered Users Posts: 94 Curl Novice
    Thanks for posting that video! It was very interesting. I'm one who always likes to straighten out my curls but I'll have to keep that in mind for going for a job interview xD.
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    This is all very interesting.
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    I'm really glad I watched this -- I might have a round of interviews coming up, and I didn't want them to interfere with CG, but the last time I was job-hunting, I blow-dried my curls straight ever morning because I thought I had to. I hated it.

    Ironically, the notes I got back from the first couple of interviews was that I seemed to shy and self-conscious. Maybe if I'd gone in with my curls, I would have felt more myself.
  • ByeByeBlowDryByeByeBlowDry Registered Users Posts: 1
    Thanks for your posts, ChristineCurly.

    After decades of fighting my 3A hair, I went to a curl-specialist stylist 3 weeks ago and have been "natural" ever since. To be perfectly candid, I love the ease of going curly but felt much prettier with straighter hair. As I watched the video, my heart sank from the men's and kids' negative responses because they confirmed what I have long believed: curly hair is frequently perceived as inferior to straight hair.
  • vikkivmavikkivma Registered Users Posts: 14
    I do think the tide is changing. The ABC video was from 3-4 years ago and I know that that blog post was from at least 2-3 years ago (but probably a little more).

    It's hard to know for certain, but I think curly hair is making a comeback. Take the year's biggest movie, The Hunger Games: even though Katniss is supposed to have dead-straight hair, they gave the actress natural-looking waves for her "makeover." Rue had natural hair, even though disappointingly the girl had hers' realxed in real life (the actress, not the character). Even "Glimmer" -- the blonde girl meant to be a major object of affection for the lead and pompous male had curly/wavy hair for her interviews. And these were meant to be moments where these characters looked their absolute best.

    If you take a look at this promotional image, only "Foxface" seems to have less-than-2b/c hair, but it's still a far cry from dead-straight:

    The Hunger Games

    And, again, these actors and actresses are meant to be up-and-coming stars in one of the biggest franchises of the next few years.

    I also seem to see waves and curls more and more in fashion magazine and beauty spreads. This is all anecdotal, but I wouldn't be surprised if flat-ironed hair isn't becoming a little passe because it is so unnatural-looking.

    Flat-out curls might still be a ways off, but I do think that we're definitely coming past the flat-iron years and back into a place of a little more wave-and-curl acceptance when it comes to attractiveness.
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