Tips for adding minoxidil to routine

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I've been losing a lot of hair at least the last 6 weeks and probably going back a year. I've seen my GP and a dermatologist and inthe end was told to use minoxidil. Ipondered it for several days and finally decided to give it a whirl because myhair is falling out at an alarming rate and I have a lot of scalp showing.

Anyway, I've applied it two times and I can't figure out how tomake this work with my routine. Myroutine is still sort of being worked out because my hair was damaged with highlights. I changed stylists and I got a major chop (Devacut which I love-love-love), but it changed theway my hair behaves so I'm relearning.

Basically, I co-wash, condition, rinse, add some leave in, partwhere I want it, scrunch a little, use a t-shirt to get most of the water out,use gel to set and hold curls and let it dry. Depending on what products I use, there may be other steps but that'sbasically it.

How do I add minoxidil to my routine without messing up my curls and around hair products and dry time?:?:

I notice that my hair seems greasy from the minoxidil. Are there other types of minoxidil productsthat are less oily or dry better/faster?:?:

By the way, I've been CJ for maybe more than 3 years or so and I've beenlurking and taking notes and learning for a long time. I had another profile but I think it was tied to an email address that Ino longer use/don't know the password so I'm starting over.

Much thanks in advance for any tips. - Suzie


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    I use 5% and apply it just at night. But if I forget I apply it whenever. Since it is applied just to the roots, it doesn't affect my curls. It does leave those areas a little greasy tho but that is the product.
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    I was just coming over to ask this very thing - my stupid hair is getting thinner all the time. Scared myself this morning when I looked at the back of my head....

    Anyway, the info all says apply minox to a dry scalp...that's a bit hard with a CG routine. What are other's doing please?
    using : a varied assortment till I work out what the heck is going on
    scrunch or plop with old t shirt
    Garnier endurance hold gel

    Mop clean system- hair feels stripped after using it. Anyone want it? then I can justify getting something different.

    4 kids, 1 husband, emigrated to Australia -filling in forms, buying a house, sorting out school...and trying to track down hair products

    = no time
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    Are you taking biotin?

    Also check out this article: Top 5 Tips for Thinning Hair.

    And one more about how good fruit is for your hair

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    The instructions on my 5% minoxidil say to apply drops twice a day.

    I co wash at night, so I usually apply drops in the morning after I style hair. And after dinner, few hrs before I shower.

    I dont use the foam, but dropper. Drop right onto scalp, not on hair itself. Never had oily problem. You may be using too much. Just a few drops and gently massage into scalp. Simple as can be.

    I also take 10,000 mcg biotin per day and 10 drops of liquid Jarrowsil in my morning juice. THese all work for me. My hair thinning is thyroid related and temporary. Luckily, no scalp showing but thinning sucks. This regrowth method worked well for me last year when it first struck, Now my thyroid meds have to be altered cus of level changes. So here we GROW again!
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    Loreal Nutri-Gloss Curly Formula conditioner-
    Honey (when dry)
    Nexxus Emergencee 2x month
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    Gel: Deva Arc Angell

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    I'm pretty much the same as crimsonshedemon, except that I use the foam. My derm said I could use the men's foam, which is 5%, but only use it once a day instead of the usual twice a day, so that way I am getting about 2 or 2&1/2 % which is safe for me.

    I use it at night - it doesn't bother my curls.

    Very best of luck with this! I hope it helps the thinning problem.:love2:
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    I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
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