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Henna is too hard and like little hard bits how does it get soft and smooth?


  • Libra_MoonLibra_Moon Registered Users Posts: 255
    I used to mixed mine with warm water then freeze till I needed it thaw and apply. What do you mean its hard? The powder is clumpy? Is it pure baq?

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  • 3bcurly3bcurly Registered Users Posts: 68
    Well everytime i do it.. its always hard and very heavy on hair its not smooth thats easy to apply on my hair.. the henna with hard bit like stones would fall off everywhere off from my hair.. how do i get it smooth? i think im doing it wrong lol!
  • anonymous_103081anonymous_103081 Registered Users Posts: 492
    If it's not BAQ it's probably why you're having issues because the lower quality can have sticks and other "extras" in it that make for hard application.

    Make sure your mix has enough water, and I also freeze nine then thaw and that makes the mix creamier and easy to apply.
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    the henna I use is a super fine powder.. it looks like the texture of a fine silky flour. I just add liquid (water with some lemon juice) until I get the texture of yogurt. It takes A LOT of water to get to this nice smooth creamy texture.

    It sounds like your henna is either super cheap, not very well ground product, or it is not mixed with enough liquid.

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