I think I ruined my hair!

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So my hair's been drying straighter and straighter even with no change in product routine. I noticed my sulfate-free 'poo was leaving it feeling dry, so I tried to cut back on the amount of shampooing I was doing and for some reason decided I needed protein ... Today I tried some CJ Curl Fix, followed up with a very generous dose of Curl Rehab, and it feels even drier.

Took a look at the 'poo: protein in the ingredients.:sad11:

Do we think this means I am protein-sensitive ...? If so, what do I do to fix it?
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Still looking for a cleanser I like. :dontknow:


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    Don't worry! A protein overload can be fixed with tons of moisture!

    I'm not sure how much your curls can take, but AOHSR works wonders for me when I overdo it with the protein.

    Keep up the moisture rich regimen for a while and see how your hair responds :) after a while, if you're not protein sensitive, you can start incorporating more protein.
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    You got the right answer for protein overload--if that's what it is. Just add moisture and your hair should be fine.

    The straighter hair could mean that you need to rotate your products. Many of us do this because our hair satiates if we use the same product(s) all of the time. This was a problem for me even back in the shampoo/conditioner only days.

    I wet, use a rinse out and style every day. I seldom use any one product more then every 5 days.
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