Care methods for my 4yr old needed

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My daughter is mixed and has really fine, puffy fly away hair. Nothing seems to works so far, maybe only for a little then she ends up with shrinkage. I think she has a mixture of 3A and 3B hair. Can anyone help me in finding the right product for her hair?


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    I'm confused, are you looking to eliminate some of the shrinkage or help with frizz?

    What have you been using on her? What's her routine? How do you like her to wear her hair?

    Without any other info to go on I'd say she needs more moisture, it's where you should almost always start.

    I'm also going to go ahead and suggest KCCC. It really helps for some with the shrinkage and if her hair is that fine and fluffy it may work really well to define and clump the curls more.

    At that age I also really love Little Sprouts Curl Calmer.

    Maybe a picture of her hair will help?
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    I am looking to eliminate both shrinkage and help with frizz. I have tried different products and full KC line, after applying the KCCC, it made her hair stiff and it could not be comb the next day. I had to really get it wet to detangle it.

    She really dont sit long enough for me to really work with her hair.


    This is a picture of her hair (on a good day)
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    Wow, she has hair just like my oldest daughter at that age. It's beautiful. What I did for her was co-wash and maybe 2x a month low poo. I used Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Cream or Fairy Tails Energizing Leave-in Conditioner ( I still use both depending on the season) with KCCC ( it really has a horrible learning curve) or Fairy Tails Curly-Q Natural Curl Maker Gel. Works great on both my little girls, and they have really different hair.

    I also don't comb her hair out in the mornings but instead spritz with a water/condish mix, and rake The Little Sprouts Curl Calmer into it, that stuff is amazing, it melts the snarls and tangles out like butter. If I absolutely need it I'll spray a little extra condish/water mix or detangler directly onto a stubborn tangle and comb just that spot out.

    Many people don't know ( I didn't and I know other mom's on here didn't) that using a detangler dries hair out. You should only use it on the tangle itself you need to get out not on the whole head.

    I know other Mom's really like the California Baby condish, but it ended up giving my girls dry hair and cradle cap.

    I also use Curl keeper on both myself and my girls with really good results, it eliminates frizz very well, but doesn't do much for shrinkage. I use it like you would a serum ( applying it last, after your leave-in and styler).

    I hope that helps, I've tried lots of other things but those are what I've had luck with over the years and of course the satin pillow case/crib sheet to help hair stay moisturized and less frizzy. Hopefully other parents of curlies can chime in.

    Good Luck :)
    Anyone who lives within their means, suffers from a lack of imagination. ~Oscar Wilde

    There are only two ways to do things: right or over.
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    I can't see the pic, but I wanted to ask... If your daughter's hair is curly, why do you think you can eliminate shrinkage? Unless you straighten curly hair, which I am in no way suggesting, the very nature of curls/curly hair is that it shrinks to
    various degrees. Curls equal a shrunken state. Otherwise the hair would be straight. Your post just struck me as odd so I commented and do not intend for this to come across as rude or snarky if it does...

    But I love curls creme brule, kckt, or shea moisture curl and style milk as leave ins in all my kids hair, although I don't use the curls product as much in the winter. Their hair is rarely frizzy with any of these products.
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    InissantAngel; Thank you, I will try what you suggest and hope it works.

    Kilajo; I would never ever straighten her hair!! I think she has beautiful curls, it only looses half its length when i put products in it. I also uses kckt and kccc but it takes away the softness and makes it stiff, which i don't like. And i didn't take it as you being rude at all. Thanks for the info.
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    My daughter has 4a hair and I use WEN on hers and a little bit of coconut oil and it keeps hers at bay very well. Hers gets fly away and frizzy otherwise also. She's also mixed.
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