Best anti-frizz/anti-humidity serum?

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4a curlies who straighten their hair would be particularly helpful, here :)

I decided to straighten my hair for prom this year (it's in about 5 weeks) I have the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron with 1 1/4 inch plates and it's great. As a heat protectant, I use Fantasia IC Heat Protectant.

Since it's prom, I really want to make sure the style stays as fresh and as smooth possible all night long.

I'll be straightening my hair myself, and before my date arrives, I'll probably wrap it just to preserve the style and make sure I don't put my hands in it or otherwise ruin it, but what anti humidity products should I use before hand?

I've heard great things about John Freida Extra-Strengh Anti-Frizz serum, but does anyone on here have any experience with it? Do you apply it to damp hair or wet hair? Also, should I apply a leave-in conditioner before, or would that make it more likely for my hair to revert?

Thanks for reading :) Any help is appreciated!
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    Hi Rimi,

    I have more 3a and 3b curls but I have experience with John Frieda Frizz Ease serum, it is pretty good for curly and straight styles. I like the thermal protection one (orange bottle) for straightening purposes. I mix it with another heat protector and then put a bit more on afterwards to keep hair smooth. Or if you just wanted to use it after straightening could use the normal one. They do an extra strength version too, which might be better for 4a.

    I notice this post was over month ago, so can't be long until your prom now or it may have even been and gone : / So either - have fun and hope the hair behaves OR hope you had fun and hope the hair behaved!

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