God,How I Want it so Bad.

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So Natural Ladies! I am 4 months totally natural and my hair is ehhhh getting better as the months roll by.. But I have a little story to share of how i became natural ( wasn't by exact choice). I went camping with my boyfriend last summer and we were at the lake. My boyfriends sisters jumped in and I thought " what the heck, might as well join them right?", Well no hunnnny i was wrong; see i been wearing a partial weave since i was in 8th grade non-stop (I'm a freshman/Sophmore in College currently). Overtime the weave became my real hair ,it was my best friend. But anyways i jumped in, i got out, i went into bathroom, my hair was knotted in the weave, 3days later i went to hairdresser, couldnt detangle it, cut the weave out my hair, and i cryed:cwm10:. i know... so sad? My hairdresser told me to wear my own hair. So the top of my hair is permed and the rest of my hair is natural. Today, currently, i have 4 inches of new growth :icon_smile:. I have to say transitioning is so much fun. the idea of having my own hair down my back and saying its mine is just...well...awsome! I have a big question i want to wear my hair down but everytime i do so i have to twist the top cause it looks funny... should i just cut the permed hair on top? or just let it be? I look at your ladies pictures and all of you look so gorgous with all your curly hair :D. Just trying to get where you ladies are. Any advice? Let a confused chica know!