Your BC or Mini C of Choice

fridaytfridayt Posts: 25Registered Users
When you big chopped or mini chopped which did you do:

a. Chopped it yourself
b. Had a friend or family member do the do
c. Got it professionally chopped

And would you have done things differently?

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  • fridaytfridayt Posts: 25Registered Users
    Ok. So I did my own mini chop. Went ok. Too nervous to do the rest. :-[

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  • ohtashohtash Posts: 90Registered Users
    I mini chopped like 3 times. All done by my mom. She's a hair dresser so she does all of that stuff for me. I'm not even going to try and attempt to cut my hair cuz I would mess it up.
  • hippiedollhippiedoll Posts: 398Registered Users
    Personally, I would BC depending on how much natural hair I have vs relaxed. I plan on doing a mini chop in June/July before I go on vacation. I would cut my hair myself or go this salon that retwists my brother's dreads every month.
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  • AmazinnaturalAmazinnatural Posts: 755Registered Users
    I did a mini chop after 9mnths of transitioning. I chopped like 4 inches off and that's the last time I cut my hair, besides when I get my ends clipped.

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  • CuteKinksCuteKinks Posts: 76Registered Users
    Mini chopped without transitioning...transitioned for a year and a half...then cut the rest of the relaxed hair off. All of my cuts were done by a professional.