Who knows how to calm down curly hair?

I am mixed, and part of my hair is easily a 2c, while the other is a 3c/3b.

I love my curls, and texture, however when I style my hair, it is soo thick. It gets to big, i just want it to sort of lay down when i style it.

I was thinking if I put a relaxer on my hair for a few mins or so, maybe that will make it lay down more. I have tried many products, however most of the define my curls, and take away frizz, which is great. But I want something to lay my curls down.

Any tips ? :)


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    i have the same problem, like really thick big hair.... especially now cause i had a dramatic climate change, so its made my hair even bigger :/ and the only way ive been able to "deal" with it, is i use a bit of water to refresh then a bit of oil to settle, and have learnt to live n embrace my big hair :) my man loves it so that really helps me

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    It's important to know your hair properties--when you say you have "thick, big" hair, I don't know if you mean that the strands are coarse (texture) or if you density is dense or both. Here's a thread that will help you with determining your properties: Live Curly Live Free - Home It's easier to help you and suggest products/ingredients if we know your properties.

    Something you may want to consider is "sealing." It's putting a "rich" product on your hair as a "barrier" to the moisture in the air. That keeps your hair from getting "big." Some people use oils or butters, my hair prefers a richer product that contains oils/butters, but not a pure oil or butter. You can use it as the first product on in styling, or after your leave in. That way, your hair is moisturized and not seeking more moisture.

    Unlike using a silicone, your hair will eventually absorb this product/ingredient. In the long run, it's healthier. You just need to watch out for it building up in case your hair doesn't absorb it all. For me, natural soap removes it or a product with coco b like CJ Daily Fix or CK Cleanse.
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    I have discovered for my hair to calm down....i have to section my hair off before i co-wash it. I first detangle with my widetooth comb and fingers really well while my hiar is saturated in conditioner....but what makes a difference is my Denman helps not only thoroughly detangle and removes ALL sheds...when i use it on each section it helps my hair lay flatter on my head.

    Given the nature of my hair...i'm 3c/ hair will slightly "rise" when dry...but it doesn't get all huge and puffy.

    I agree with kathy about using rich/thick conditioners though when doing your hair.
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    I have been using this product called Marc Anthony - Strictly Curls. What i do is, cleanse and detangle my hair, when i'm done with that, i saturate my hair with the Strictly Curls product, and in a bout half an hour my hair twice as long. I Have.the same hair type as you, just so you know. You can order it online im not sure how much the price is because usually my mom just buys me like a months supply of the cream, its also lemon-scented!

    Hope i helped anyone!
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    I'm 3a so don't know if what works for me would work for you. But at time, esp in high humidity, when my hair gets too big and frizzy, I've divided it into four sections, twisted each section and applied hair spray and maybe a bit of heat from the hairdryer. It helps to give it better formation and less puffiness.

    But it it's humid weather, it may go back to the way it was from the humidity.
    I'm fortunate to live in a dry place now so humidity isn't frequently an issue but I grew on on Long Island, where we had lots of bad hair days.