Shocked! And confused...

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I'm sure I'm the 10,000th newbie to post something like this but I am totally surprised by the idea that I might be low porosity. I really just can't figure out what's going on with my hair, but it has been "squeaking" more whenever I rake anything through it. I've been mod CG for 2 months and for the past few weeks I've only been using a RO or cleansing conditioner when I wash my hair because I feel like my curls are losing their definition and I don't want to make it worse by getting OC'd. The "strand test" leads me to think I'm low porosity because my fingers don't catch at all and seem to slide pretty easily up. But my hair doesn't seem to have trouble getting thoroughly wet when I shower, which I thought low porosity hair does? It also only takes forever to dry when I air dry or plop straight out of the shower. If I blot with a regular towel it dries really quick. Another thing is that since I started using tons of protein (another sign that I'm low porosity I think because my hair LOVES it!) is that I'm starting to see white flakies in my hair when it dries, which I'm guessing probably means that products are sitting on top of my strands.

So here's my dilemma. My hair is getting really tangly no matter what I do. I've been backing off on the moisture since I thought that the "squeak" meant I was getting OC'd. But now I'm wondering if the tangles actually mean that my hair isn't moisturized enough? I amped up my protein because it helps me keep my curl pattern intact, but I don't want to overdo that either. I use a variety of conditioners (Deva OneC, NG Hemp, MCB Keratin, Suave/Vo5). Almost all of my curl enhancers have protein. I use Curl Fix as my leave-in and usually Ecostyler or LALSG for gel, which both have protein. So am I overdoing it on the protein? Or maybe even more? (I hope not!!) Do I need more moisture? I'm so confused and getting frustrated!! :confused:

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