Replacement for discountinued KMS product

Hi everyone - I am new here....I need some help finding a replacement product and I am going crazy and spending a lot of money with no luck. I have been using KMS California heat activated curl scrunching spray for at least 10 years. KMS decided to discontinue it and I bought up all the last remaining that were out there and have been on the hunt for a new replacement product. The beauty of this product was that it gave me shine and hold and it dried scrunchy but I was able to work it out with my hands when it was dry and it looked soft again. Since I live in the South, I need to have a little scrunch to the product because it is so humid. I appreciate that everything is going alcohol, paraben, and sulfate free but it seems the products have no hold. I prefer to have a spray product and not a gel or mousse since those seem to make my hair very dry. I have tried everything in the drugstore and also the other KMS curl products, Biolage, Nexus, Paul Brown, Redken, Paul Mitchell and a few others. Is there another spray product out there that has hold and is heat activated so it does not dry out your hair after diffusing? My hair is like Debra Messing but goes instantly flat in the humidity. The KMS replacement for this product had no hold and the lingering smell on my hair smelled like cigarette smoke. Please help....!


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    Have you tried the KMS Sea Salt Spray? I don't know how it works with diffusing and whether or not it's heat activated. I tried it out just air drying my hair and got okay results. I don't know if will be for you but just a suggestion. :smile:
    Anther one that is a spray is the AG curl trigger which is pretty comparable to the spray above but again not sure how it works with diffusing, etc.
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    I did try the sea salt spray and it didn't do much for my hair. It actually made it more limp. I have a lot of layers and it is shoulder length so I need something to lift the curls. I also tried the KMS curl-up and mousse with no luck. I will look into the other one you mentioned.