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I finally tried the hydratherma line and I could tell a huge difference.... Awesome line a6934df7-59bc-a867.jpg
^ using Shea moisture products

^ using hydratherma products


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    It's really pretty. :)

    Jen :D

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    What kind of products are in the Hydratherma line? I don't use either line, but your pics definitely show a difference.
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    Well some of their products contain cones and I stay away from those but I did purchase the protein leave in treatment and growth lotion. I have tried several products over the last 6 months wondering why does my curls look so different like it was moisturizer enough and I finally found my answer..I just had to find the right products for me
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    Wow, you can really tell a difference!

    Can you get hydratherma products on the ground or do you have to order online?

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    Since I live in Houston there is not available ;-( but delivery is super fast