Finally got my locs started!!

SurlycurlySurlycurly Posts: 156Registered Users
I am so excited!! I finally went yesterday and got my locs started! Been waiting for this for A WHILE, so it's exciting to finally have it done.


  • luvmylocsluvmylocs Curl Neophyte Posts: 7,578Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    how did you start them? any pics?

    congrats and enjoy the journey! take lots of pics. enjoy the simplicity of locs :)
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  • SurlycurlySurlycurly Posts: 156Registered Users
    My loctician started them with finger coils.


    This is a pic of the back the day it was done.

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  • Nikki JONikki JO Posts: 40Registered Users
    Congrats!!! I don't have locs but everybody in my family had locs at one point. They are going to be beautiful.

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  • happyfacehappyface Posts: 845Registered Users

    -on this phone that makes it too hard to capitalize letters.
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  • SurlycurlySurlycurly Posts: 156Registered Users
    Thanks, all. I have wanted locs for so long it's not even funny! I feel amazing now that I finally have them and I plan to enjoy every step of this journey.

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