Great hair day with sulfates & KCCC!

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Been so depressed lately about my hair color, sort of growing out my natural color, medium brown, after many nears of bleached highlights. THe darker roots makes me look so old, then I realized, maybe it's because I am old! (40) AND I never realized I have so much gray! It stands out against the brown. Anyway....

I figured if my hair color is going to look like s---, I might as well try to camouflage it by making my curls spectacular.

I went ahead and used suave clarifying shampoo which I never use sulfates because I needed to try something drastic to my hair, I then applied my newly arrived KCCC and sprayed my usual Suave captivating curls spray.

Oh my God!!!! One of my best hair days. Thick, shiny, healthy corkscrew curls with lots of volume at the roots! My hair never really curls, just halfway loops that are more wavy. Not a bit dry or frizzy from the shampoo.

So what did it? clarifying or the KCCC? Or maybe both. Next time I wash, I will use sulfate shampoo and KCCC to see if I get the same results.

Honestly, I think my good hair days are the result of a good conditioner and the right styling product. I had more good hair days years ago when I used sulfates because my hair wasn't so weighed down and 'dirty'.

I'm going to continue to use shampoo and see what happens. If my hair does begin to look dry and my curls/waves straighten out, then I will jump back on the CG wagon.


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    I am totally with you, I have my absolute best hair days when I use a sulfate shampoo! I am now alternating sulfate washes w/ low-poo washes and it is working great for me. My hair is color treated and I don't notice my hair fading any quicker than it did when I was strict CG. I also have very, very hard water and even when I use cg friendly styling products, my hair still feels kind of gunky.

    I also agree that a good conditioning and right use of styling product go a long way in creating a good hair day!!!
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    Hooray for good hair days!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey, whatever works for you and your hair. Just condition and DT well to counteract any dryness the sulfates might cause.

    Conditioning, methods, and stylers definitely make a difference.
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    I've also been doing very well rotating in a sulfate shampoo. I still co-wash as much as possible- my situation requires almost daily cleansing, so I won't abandon co-washing completely. But I'm liking the results from once a week sulfate washes.
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    Has anyone used Shea moisture curling souffle????? How do you apply it? do you apply other products as well? I tried it buy didn't have good results I shampooed with Shea moisture coconut &hibiscus then applied the coconut milk then the enhancing smoothie then the souffle. Was that too many products or did I not use enough it had no instructions on it and their website had nothing on how to use it ..

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    To cubancurls, I use both the kinky curly knot today and the kinky curly curling custard and my curls are gorgeous, I use that when im going somewhere plus the hold is amazing buy yet silky never hard or crunchy I use alot of stuff im a hair product super junkie ;)

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