Build up with no poo /co-wash?

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Hi all,
According to my info up top I last visited 6/18/2009! I stopped visiting because I had the perfect routine and although you guys were always great (still using the PSF skincare stuff for my face too) I just didn't need any more help/information on my curly hair! But now I do!

So...I started no-pooing or doing a weekly co-wash about 3-4 years ago. I use homemade FSG exclusively as my hair product of choice. For conditioner I use Nature's Gate conditioners (different varieties). Also, 20 months ago I had twins. While I was pregnant I got really bad dandruff and had to use a 'regular' shampoo and in the meantime used up all of the 'bad' hair products I'd bought to try before finding my FSG. Shortly after I had the babies it immediately got 10times better and I went back to my old routine.

Now, I'm started to get either dandruff or build up and I'm not sure what to do. If I took my fingers and scrubbed my head (with dry hair) I'd get white stuff all over my fingers and hair. If I scratched with my fingernails there would be white stuff all in my fingernails. If I don't touch nothing happens. Does this sound like build up or dandruff to you guys? In the last couple months I've started using regular shampoo once a week to try to help.

Any advice for a long time no-pooer with 3A/B hair??

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