Could use some help with daughter's hair!

Hi Everyone-

I'm Libby, and I have hair. My husband and I adopted Natalie in 2010. She is 1/2 black, and her hair is either 3b or 3c - I am not sure which... (I attached 2 pictures, one with product, and one without)

I am lost with what to do with her hair. She is not quite 2, so I am hesitant to put anything harsh on her hair. But, at the same time I bought some natural Shea products (Beautiful Curls Line) and she is allergic to all of it.

My sister in law also has curly hair (3a-3b), and she has given me the tip of washing only 1-2 times/week, and conditioning every other day.

Just wondering if anyone can give me some words of wisdom on some general hair care do's and don'ts for a toddler with serious curls. Also wondering what to do about cuts, and if there is a style I can ask for that will help keep things manageable?

Thank you in advance!


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    Since curly hair care is so different than what you're used to with your own hair, you may want to check out to get a nice, condensed overview. It'll talk a lot about the importance of determining your daughter's hair properties – not curl type – in order to care for it properly. You can also get a hair analysis done (info how will be on that site) to help you determine hair properties, but given how young your daughter is, you may be advised to wait to do a formal analysis (It's nothing harsh involved in the analysis, just a matter of providing them with clipped strands of her hair. It's just that I don't know if how young she is will make a difference, so you may be advised to wait until she's a little older. ?? If you ask them via their "Contact Us", they'll surely let you know).

    While you spend time reading up on curly hair care, you might want to only use a sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo, once or twice a week as your SIL suggested, or just do co-washing with a sulfate and silicone free conditioner. If you scroll down on the kids section here on Kids - , you'll find some suggested hair products for kids and can click to read through ingredients of any you're interested in. There's also the Parents of Curlies forum here on CurlTalk. You can read through archived posts and ask questions there.

    Expect there to be some trial and error, but just know you'll hit on the right hair care products and routines in good time, especially since you're being smart about researching now how to care for your daughter's hair.

    HTH. The pics of your daughter are adorable!
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    When you go to the website, you may want to consider purchasing Struttswifes e-book that is available there. It's all the information in one place. It will teach you a lot about curly hair and how to take care of it.

    Since your daughter is a toddler, I can't imagine that her hair is not baby fine. So, you want to use products that are lighter and won't weigh it down. You probably don't need to use shampoo, but could conditioner wash (cowash) most of the time.

    I am allergic to a lot of products, so usually use the more natural products from the online, boutique type lines. For me, it's mostly the chemicals that cause issues for me. You don't always need to use the lines for children, but it's a good place to start. Kinky Curly has a line called Tiny Twirls. It's available at Curl Mart: I actually like the Moisturizing Styler better than the Curling Custard. Curls makes a line called Curly Q. It's the same ingredients, in the same order, as the CURLS products. It costs 25% less. I saw that they have a line called Kynx--ingredients didn't look good IMHO.

    You may want to try some of the Aubrey Organics products. The B-5 Design Gel or Mandarin Magic Gel may be good for her.

    The most important thing you can do is learn. The fact that you're here shows that it's something you want to do. Read a lot. If her hair ends up being one of the tighter curl patterns, you'll really need to learn what to do to have it looking good. Usually, the tighter the curl, the dryer the hair. The dryer the hair, the greater the tendency is to breakage.
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    your daughter is beautiful! she is lucky to have a mom help her love her curls.

    the advice i can add is what my daughter is currently using with my twin granddaughters, who have 3c hair and are 23 months old.

    she's been using burt's baby bee wash and shampoo on their hair, easy to rinse out so it does not burn their eyes as they will not tilt heads back, close eyes, etc.... it is sulfate free and no tears! not something she will use in the longterm, but good for now.

    then she uses curl junkie beauticurls leave in, no rinsing it out and it helps keep their curls as intact as a toddler's curls will stay!! lol!!
    at times she does a cowash with cj strengthening conditioner, it has protein and that is good for their fine hair. sometimes she will leave some of this in as a leave in.

    so i guess do a little at a time to see what she is not allergic to. maybe buy some samples first? (you can buy these from kathymack, check her profile/public fokti).

    have you read the parents of curlies forum on this site? lots of help there.

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