Thinking about dying my hair pink?

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I want to dye my hair cotton candy pink (like Nicki Minaj, or Charlotte Free, or Aly Antorcha), but I've never dyed my hair before. I have 3c hair, and I don't know anyone with my type of hair who has dyed it so drastically. I'm worried about the damage from bleaching, but I really want to do it.
I'd also love to hear it if anyone else can suggest another colour. I'm thinking about blue or purple, since it will probably be better since it isn't as light.

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  • lindalennonlindalennon Registered Users Posts: 9
    I would suggest first going to a wig store and trying on a colored wig.

    Dark hair needs to be double processed - meaning it is bleached until it is as light as possible, then the hair is dyed to the color wanted. Since you have 3C hair, it is extremely fragile (as you know!), and I don't think you should do something soo drastic until you know if you'll like how you look with pink/blue/purple hair!

    Even with colors that "occur in nature", there is nothing so tacky as a woman who spends $75+ to get their hair dyed, and it ends up being the wrong choice for them!

    Another thing to keep in mind, if you want to keep this color up, you'll need to get your roots done every 6weeks - more frequently if you go for the pink. Do you really want to run the risk of damage and fall out? Plus pay about $40 each month to get your new growth bleached & dyed?

    Maybe you should just BUY the colored wig, and use it to switch up your hairstyle. Better for your purse, and MUCH better for your hair!!
  • AfroBuddhaDollAfroBuddhaDoll Registered Users Posts: 22
    I Bleached my own hair, my hair 4b so more of a "Damage" effect and I was aware of this, I also knew that my hair is Resistant and should holdup well to Chemicals - I use ALL natural Products, my Bathroom is like a mad scientist Kitchen with mixing of bottles and bowls, so chemicals my hair is very resistant towards.

    I bought a Wig before I did though so I highly suggest what LindaLennon proposed. Especially when you're talking about a Drastic color change. Some things we feel will look FABULOUS on us end up not giving us the Results we want and I'm sure like a lot of woman including myself - If the hair isn't right, that can ruin the whole day before it's even halfway over.
    Yes your hair will have to be double processed as well.
    The Wig I bought was a Honey Blonde color, I actually got my hair that color and then lighter, so right now it's a Light Golden Blonde (About 2 shades lighter than Honey Blonde) but I love it, again though I am SO happy that I bought the Wig before I did go full force!

    Remembering back when I had bought Vampire Red from Manic Panic as a Semi-Permanent dye. I thought I would look great with Red Hair, then I did it and the whole time I am going "I HATE my hair". Thank Goodness for Color Fix!

    Please know I understand that you're not me but we're also trying to help you with saving Money and a Headache. Also IMO I feel that if you must have a Drastic color, Purple would look good. Again though I would buy a Lace Front wig in that Color and also the hair style you want.

    As far as the Damage, Deep Condition and keep it on as long as you can. I Deep Conditioned for 3 hours the first Process with Wheat Germ Oil -high in Vitamin E and fats for damage- and Jojoba Oil added in. And and again with the second process. No my hair does not feel brittle, it feels very soft. I also don't have any Curl/Coil lost.
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    I used to love to have crazy colors in my hair. (as u can see from my picture) but I suggest u bleach it slowly like once a week with like a 10 or 20 volume developer until it get s as close as white as you can and then tone it. Use a protien filler in your mixture also. I bleached my hair too fast and I got wavy and straight pieces

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