What type am I?

JustJherricaJustJherrica Registered Users Posts: 3
My last relaxer was 4 years ago, and since then I've worn a wrap (wash and flat-iron once a week), and for the past few months I've had braids. Can anyone tell me what they think my hair type is? I'm not too sure.


  • knt1229knt1229 Registered Users Posts: 93
    You should take pics that aren't so close up. Also, your hair should be dry in order to type it correctly. With that said your hair looks like heat damaged type 4 hair.
  • shainalashainala Registered Users Posts: 125
    it's hard to tell since your roots look different from your ends and your hair is wet in at least two of the pics. There is a what's my hair type thread up above with links and information. But you should know that with flat ironing that frequently you're liable to have some heat damage which will affect the way your hair curls.
    You might want to read up on other stuff about hair besides curl pattern. Terms like : porosity, density, coarseness. Are you thinking of starting to wear your hair curly?
  • silentdeathsilentdeath Registered Users Posts: 15
    Your roots look 4b but the ends are extremely damaged. You'd have to cut the heat damage off to get an accurate type. Even still, there are more important qualities about your hair you should consider, as others have stated.
  • JustJherricaJustJherrica Registered Users Posts: 3
    From looking at the tests I have normal-high (not too sure until I wash tomorrow) porosity, high density, and it's fine but thick (coarseness). i really want to wear it curly though; is there anything that can be done to fix the heat damage and not have as big of a chop?
  • moosegrl_86moosegrl_86 Registered Users Posts: 403
    You can try a protein treatment to get your curls back. Something like aphogee may be good. If that doesn't work just blend the textures with heatless styles like twist and braid outs or roller sets, until you're ready to cut off the damage.
    Whoop whoop! :hello1:
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    4a/b, medium-fine, normal porosity & elasticity, thick
  • JustJherricaJustJherrica Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thanks, I will try that out =D

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