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Paleo diet/lifestyle

reegsreegs Posts: 50Registered Users

Has anyone tried the paleo diet or does anyone consider themselves to have a paleo lifestyle?

My boyfriend wanted to try a 30 day challenge as he had heard the about the benefits and to lose some weight. So to help him along I'm joining in. We cut out dairy, grains, legumes and anything processed. Which means no pasta, rice, milk, cheese, potatoes, peas, beans and sugar. Lots of fruit and veg, lean meat, nuts and lots and lots of water.

We are up to day 9 and so far so good. We only had one cheat meal which left us feeling awful. He's been struggling with the detox side of things and having lows before a meal. I can honestly say I nearly quit 2 days in, so I've compensated by having a morning latte then sticking to the diet for the remainder of the day.

At the end of week one I've lost 1.7kgs and he's lost close to 5kgs.

We're determined to stick out the 30 days and will then consider reintroducing some foods back into our regular eating, mainly our morning bowl of cereal which we both miss.

Wish us luck for the next 21 days :)
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  • CurleeDSTCurleeDST Posts: 467Registered Users
    Let us know how it goes.
    I am a 3c/4a with medium/fine strands
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  • JRockJRock Posts: 170Registered Users
    Good luck & keep updating your progress. I'm not doing Paleo, but Atkins which is similar. I have nut and fruit allergies so I figured without those, the diets/lifestyles are quite similar.

    When I dropped the carbs, processed foods, diet soda, sugars, etc, it was difficult. I felt crummy for about 5 days. After that, I felt fantastic! I had loads of energy. That surprised me the most. In the first 14 days I lost 12 lbs. In 5 months I lost 56 lbs. I had to quit, however, due to a wonky gallbladder. But now that I've had my surgery I'm back on this way of eating.

    I hope you enjoy your new lifestyle!

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  • apatt4975apatt4975 Posts: 142Registered Users
    I read about this but wasn't sure about it.
  • KeihsKeihs Posts: 435Registered Users
    Is the paleo diet raw?
  • HoneycurlsHoneycurls Posts: 1,889Registered Users
    Keihs wrote: »
    Is the paleo diet raw?

    OK, I admit it.....I'm an alias! I wasn't born with the name Honeycurls!
    :lurk: Dood, get over it; there's no time limit on lurking.

    I so busy runnin' allllllll over the place and ain't nobody chasin' me! :confused5::laughing5::jocolor:
  • anonymous_114091anonymous_114091 Posts: 126Registered Users
    I'm not paleo, but I'm grain-free. I still allow myself to eat cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate, legumes, and tubers moderately, but I do not consume grains. My diet mainly consists of vegetables, fruit, meat, and fats. I feel great eating this way, but it may not be for everyone. I have reason to believe due to observing characteristics of myself and my family that I have a difficulty processing grains and excess carbohydrates. When I eat grains I tend to feel bloated, like my stomach swells slightly. It is also hard for me to keep weight off. I learned this by experimenting with going grain-free for a month and a half. I wanted to know if my body would approve or not. Not only did I lose weight without trying but I got some unexpected compliments on how clear and nice my complexion was (my skin was always acne prone when I ate grains). Overall, it works for me.
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  • anonymous_114091anonymous_114091 Posts: 126Registered Users
    Oh, and I want to suggest doing internet searches on grain-free recipes. You can even bake bread out of almond flour! Some of my favorite websites for recipes are The Detoxinista and Paleo for Foodies.
    *BIG CHOP: September 22, 2012* :afro:
    *Last Relaxer: April 15, 2012* :p

  • curlylauracurlylaura Posts: 8,352Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'm not paleo but I'm intrigued by it. I think I'd do primal though to allow for dairy.

    At the moment I'm avoiding processed foods. If it has a long shelf life or I have no idea what the ingredients are or say them, I avoid it.
    Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
  • GoddessCurlsGoddessCurls Posts: 1,537Registered Users
    I do it. I've been following WheatBelly probably for about 6 months. I've lost 40 pounds..don't have to work out like a maniac and I do feel better. When I cheat I feel like crap. Even that little pooch in ur lower belly that it seems all is chicks that don't live in gyms have to deal with. That went down a lot! I sleep better..clearer head! Plus I don't get hungry as much. All my blood tests came back great..blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol. All of it. Can't recommend enough!
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  • lisacontlisacont Posts: 9Registered Users
    The Paleo diet is the healthiest way to eat, since it ONLY nutritional approach that works to stay lean, strong and energetic!
  • caramix3acaramix3a Posts: 460Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I could never do it myself. Many years ago, I did Atkins, while I lost weight on it, it came right back the minute I budged. Then, some years later, I did very-low-carb and very-low-fat simultaneously, as part of a small bodybuilding competition. Again, that works, but is SO strict that one basically has to white-knuckle it all the way and is not sustainable. Since I'm active, and I'm OK with good carbs, I eat them. I'm mostly vegetarian anyway. That said, I do believe that most people could ditch the bad carbs(refined flour products, sugary things etc.)and switch to unprocessed ones with more emphasis on veggies and fruits than starches. Only have the starches in smaller amounts. Not about to give up beans, or my bit of dairy myself.
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Posts: 1,632Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have a question and I don't mean to offend anyone. I just want to know. Since when did eating healthy become a diet? You're not cutting anything out of your diet but just eating a more balanced diet. Following the food chart. Vegetarians, vegans and the like are not dieting but eating how they choose. If they so happen to loose weight, it's a byproduct of how they eat. It's a lifestyle.
  • Corrina777Corrina777 Posts: 3,193Registered Users
    I have a question and I don't mean to offend anyone. I just want to know. Since when did eating healthy become a diet? You're not cutting anything out of your diet but just eating a more balanced diet. Following the food chart. Vegetarians, vegans and the like are not dieting but eating how they choose. If they so happen to loose weight, it's a byproduct of how they eat. It's a lifestyle.

    Agreed. I went from paleo to vegan instead, based on a lot of research. Sure, it would be awesome to lose weight, but that's definitely not my motivation.
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