New CG wants to do this right!

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Hello fellow CG's!
I have been fighting my hair for way too long. I am new to this curly girl method and need a little help if I'm gonna do this right. I am completely confused about my hair type. I think my hair is medium texture and normal porosity. Just want to make sure i use right products. Please take a look and help me figure out my type! Thank you, thank you!!!


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    Hi Lulue, and welcome to our community! We're so happy you've joined us.

    I've moved your thread over here to the shampoo-free area, as I think you'll get more help here!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • LulueLulue Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thank you!
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    First, I wanted to say that your hair is beautiful!

    I'm not very good at figuring out curl type (I just caved and asked for opinions on mine), but I think it would be somewhere around a 2b/2c. But it's the texture and porosity that will really affect product choice.

    CG is really about learning to understand what your hair likes and doesn't like. There's some trial and error involved. If you check out the product review forum, you'll see that no one product works for everyone.

    Have you already started CG or are you looking for products first? If you're still looking for products, I recommend starting with drugstore brands where possible, until you get an idea of what kind of ingredients your hair likes and doesn't like. A couple of ideas:

    Suave Naturals Coconut
    Tresemme Naturals (I prefer Radiant Volume for co-washing)

    Rinse out conditioner:
    Tresemme Naturals (Nourishing Moisture works well for RO)
    Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition (Sleek and Shine is also popular)
    GVP Conditioning Balm (available at Sally's if you have one nearby)

    I generally use my RO as a LI as well

    LA Looks (I think they are all CG, Sports Gel is probably the most popular, I like Nutra Curl also)
    Herbal Essences Set Me Up or Totally Twisted
    Garnier Fructis Pure Clean
    Eco Styler (available at Sally's)

    I hope this helps!
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  • LulueLulue Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thanks Corrina 777! You have been very helpful. I did look through everything about hair type/porosity/texture, etc. I was just getting a little overwhelmed and confused :- I thought I might be a 2a with medium texture and normal porosity.
    I picked up Suave naturals conditioner, GF Triple Conditioner, and HE Totally Twisted Gel. Think I'll just keep it simple for now till I get the hang of this ;) Thanks for all of the great product recommendations.

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