"Bad Hair" Rehab-Need Help!

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While at another office location for about a month, I was talking with some ladies about curly hair among other things. One was amazed that I was allowed to wear my hair "natural" and still be able to be promoted in the company. (I still don't see the connection with natural hair being worn professionally and promotion stifling...:dontknow:)

Anyway...she said that she was raised that only people with "good hair" can wear it natural and she didn't like that attitude about herself. So, she wants me to help her get over this...like "rehab". She is serious! She doesn't like to wear wigs, relax or straighten her hair, (especially since she is bald in one spot) but she feels she has to in order to keep her job.

She even calls it a "curse", and thought about trying to get "straight hair" implants! Whew!

I asked her to let a small portion of her hair "go back" instead of relaxing so that I can see her "curl pattern". Then we'd start from there.

Ladies, I'd appreciate any advice to help her. Transitioning is one thing, but to believe that your hair is a "curse" is something else...
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    If she feels like natural "kinky-textured" hair can't be professional, prove to her that it is. Plenty of pictures and YouTube videos show professional, sleek styles done on natural hair. ToniDaley has a whole series of professional hairstyles for natural hair.

    tonidaley80's Channel - YouTube

    If she's gonna go straight for the BC and rock short hair, well, I find a very short TWA to look pretty professional anyway. In-between length hair (if she's gonna transition a little) can be a little harder, but twists, braids, or coils are always nice.

    Ultimately, if she wants to wear her hair naturally to work, she's got to accept it first. Acceptance is the first step, then you can worry about professional styles!

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