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Hi, February 24, I became six months natural. I'm starting to get discouraged because I'm suppose to be 4a and my hair feels like cotton. I've been wearing protective styles since I BC'd August 24. My hair is about 2 inches and it seems like the growth has come to a complete halt



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    oh i think we've alll been through that.. try taking pictures thats what i do
    when i feel like i havent seen any growth i take pictures so that i can look back two months ago and see that my hair HAS actually grown because you see your self everyday so ofcourse you wont be able to notice dont be discouraged ^.^
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    A) Maybe you have a slower than average growth rate. I do, hair grows 0.375 inches per month instead of .5 inches.

    B) Does your hair seem to be in good condition in terms of moisture? Protein (if not protein sensitive)?

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