What'll happen to my curls if they're chopped?

I've grown hair. And grown hair. And grown hair.
And I love my curls, I really do.
But they are a bit of a hassle and I'm considering having a cut. I'm not really sure what yet, but it's a thought.
But in the case that I do, what would happen to my curls at a shorter length? Like a two, three inch, close to the head cut? Would they lose all shape? I know what I'm doing now and how to manage them but would I not be able to get them to clump at such a length? Any help is so appreciated.


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    it depends on your hair type. from what i could see in the picture, you have a tighter curl so it should still be curly!!! if it was a loose curl, type 3a, you would have cut off the curl. but not when your curl starts at the roots as yours seems to do.
    just be sure you know what you want and be sure to be specific with the stylist who cuts your hair!! there is a thread in the salon/stylists form, what should i tell my stylist? that has great info on what to say when going for a haircut. and, a picture is always a good thing.
    good luck!

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    Thank you sososo much! I never thought abut the curls in such a, well, basic way. I've got about every hair type on my head and now I can totally see how to manage it, there will be a curl at a certain length! So appreciated gah thank you again :)

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