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this is going to be a tiny bit windy. I apologize.

I colored about a week and a half ago. I usually do every 8 weeks or so. This time, I was feeling a bit dry prior to, and my stylist did a deep treatment afterward. Unfortunately, my hair still feels really rough. I used so much conditioner on the ends of my hair the other day, it squished purple. (I use White Sands) My hair is on the fine side.
So, in the meantime, I strayed from my usual CG ways and used the CC mousse from Suave and a tiny bit of CC Spray gel, along with some leave in. It has dimethicone and amodimethicone, and have done so for the past 3 days BUT, my hair looks fantastic, and it feels better. I have co-washed only, and while it's wet, it does have that seaweed feel to it.

Now, I realize this is probably because it's coated, and eventually this is going to catch up with me. So my first question is how do I clarify? Baking soda plus a non-sulfate shampoo? (also currently using white sands)
Second question - Do I need a protein treatment? My hair feels very thick and broom like.

Please help me....
2a, Lazy hair. Takes a little work to make it curly or straight.
Fine hair, not a lot of it.