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I know its sounds odd, but I am having a seriously hard time trying to find out if my strands are fine or coarse. I'm also trying to figure out what porosity I have. I have tried all the test. My hair is then when held to the light, but doesn't break easily. It can hold hairstyles. However, my hair feels thin and baby soft. I also tried to do a porosity test. When I ran my fingers up my hair, it seemed to catch and was almost sticky. However, when I put my hair in a bowl of water it stayed floating. My hair also has a dry, frizzy, straw type look. Could this be because I am using the wrong ingredients?

I feel like a protein treatment might help, but if my hair is overly porous I would hate to hurt it.

P.S. When I did a semi-permanent dye, my hair held on to the color far past 28 washes. I was still using sulfates occasionally during that time. Could this be a sign to porosity?


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    Marsha's blog on CJ has visuals to help you figure out your texture Curl Junkie - Natural Hair Care for all types of Curly Hair!: My 2 cents on Protein/Texture/Porosity/Moisture Balance! :-)

    It's not unusual for people with dry, curly hair to think it's coarse, when it's is fine (or medium.) Fine and porous hair usually likes/needs protein. It's unlikely that you would damage your hair with protein. The dry, frizzy, straw type look that feels soft could be overconditioning. In that case, you really do need protein.

    The float test is notoriously poor. If you really have questions and can't figure it out, you can do the hair analysis on Live Curly Live Free - Hair Analysis
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