Taking down my braids

honeybeestingshoneybeestings Posts: 2Registered Users
So ever since I decided to stay away from heat (my hair is heat damaged, split ends like crazy, probably more) I've stayed in braids, but it's only been about a month. I'm getting very very tired of these braids so the plan is to take them down this Saturday and do something with my natural hair until I can get it braided again.

My problem being that, I have no clue what to do with it. Can anyone give some style ideas? I'm a 4a/4b and my hair when straight goes to my shoulders, like barely touching it.
Thanks in advance for help :happy11:


  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    I don't like having my hair in braids with hair because it breaks mine unless I just braid my own hair but I wouldn't wear that as a style...you can do twist outs and braid outs,buns and ponytails


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