Total newbie! need help!

soo hey guys as you can guess im new here and have absolutley no idea if im doing the right thing for my hair or not! im pretty sure i have type 2c hair and i just need some advice on how to keep my curls pretty and non frizzy!! what products should i use?
thanxs!!! :D


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    Welcome! You'll find tons of helpful info here.

    Have you figured out your hair's properties yet (texture, porosity, elasticity)? These characteristics are really helpful to know in order to find the right products, and will impact product choice much more than the curl pattern (2c, 3b, etc.). For more information, check out this site:

    Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

    Once you have an idea of your hair's properties, you can start getting product ideas just by checking people's signatures. Many people list their hair properties as well as favorite products. Unfortunately a lot of the process can be trial and error, so don't get frustrated if you don't get the results you want right away. Many of us continue to learn new things about what our hair likes and dislikes after months, or even years of trial and error. And never be afraid to ask lots of questions. There are so many incredibly knowledgeable people on this board!
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    Hi! I actually just posted everything I know and that works for me Hope it helps!
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    thank you guys soo much!! yeah i have alot to learn! and ill try and upload an image of my hair so you can get a better idea cuz i have no idea about my texture and stuff like that!