Hair looks best when slightly damp

I noticed that my hair looks and feels its best when it's about 90% dry. It's so nice and soft and pliable with a good weightiness to it. Once it's completely dry, it's fluffy and flyaway and feels parched. I assume this means my hair is dry, but nothing I have tried seems to help or get it to feel as hydrated as it does when it is in that state. Any thoughts/ideas?


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    Are you deep treating?

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    Hi Gretchen. I am walking a tricky line because my hair is fine and overconditioned easily--but still dry. In other words, most conditioners, deep ones included, just coat the outside of my hair and that actually makes it feel worse...maybe because I have very nonporous hair. I have tried applying heat but it didn't really help. When I apply oils, they tend to just make my hair greasy, but it doesn't actually feel any better. I have tried leaving oil on overnight, then rinsing it out in the morning--but I need to use a sulfate shampoo or I can't get it all out, which defeats the whole purpose!

    I am totally at a loss :\