Embracing my waves...finally!

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Hi Everyone...

After years of fighting my curls and waves and trying so hard to "iron them flat" with a hot straightener, I have decided to just embrace them!

It took me a long time to realize that we "curly girls" have hair that other women pay big bucks to get! Even though our hair type can be frustrating (frizz, tangles, etc.), if you find the right products that do well for your hair, you get gorgeous results with little effort!

Since I have ditched the straightener, the shine and wave defenition in my hair has finally come back and it's not dry and brittle anymore! I use a gel/mousse combination along with leave-in conditioner, and let it air dry and it turns out beautiful! I don't know why I was determined to fight it for so long, but I am glad I learned to accept what nature gave me!:flower:


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    Well good for you! I can relate and happy to be embracing my hair too. I wish you well in your journey. Have fun with it. Looking at pics I see curly hair styles have endless possibilities. :)

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