Chopping it off?

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Hey ladies!
I've been growing my hair out for a while now (maybe a year or so), mainly out of curiosity to see what it did when it got long. I've never had it much past my shoulders, and since I've been at college I haven't gotten it cut (so basically since August). The picture is of my hair in August. Now my hair is horribly overgrown, to about the middle of my back. It's lost most of the curl and just sort of clumps together into awkward waves. Thankfully, it's also lost most of the volume so I'm not even needing to put in any product (which makes for low maintenance! :thumright:) People have described my hair as a weird-ethnic mix (though i'm not black) - it's pretty coarse, very thick, and usually voluminous :P.

All that said, I'm tired of having it at this length and I'm ready to go back short again. But I've been having these crazy ideas of going REALLY short - not quite pixie length, but close. Sort of like this: Hairstyles / Carrie-carrie-bradshaw-123670_506_316.jpg (506×316)

My hair straightens really well (just takes for-evah) so I was also thinking of a haircut that could be worn straight or curly (like this: Hairstyles / Norah Jones Bob) That way I could straighten it more but it wouldn't take as long.

SO. Your thoughts. Have you tried going short? Did you like it? Is the growing-out process difficult? Are there some good cuts that could go either curly or straight?

P.S. ignore the glasses. I was such a kid, you know, six months ago. Geesh.


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    Oh, I would go for it! I love the hairstyles you linked to, and I think they would look great on you. :D

    I tend to veer from short (around jaw length or just below) to medium length (like in my photo) and I've gotten to where I prefer my hair short. My hair gets curlier when it's shorter and I think it just looks so carefree that way!

    My mom does my hair, but she leaves the cold state of Illinois to head south for the I have to go from Jan. - mid-April with no trims. LOL I had her cut my hair shorter than usual before she left, and believe me, by April I'm going to be anxious to get it cut off again. (Right now it can touch my shoulders if I pull it straight.)

    Have fun -- I think it will be a great look for you!
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