Terrible Razor Haircut! Need Advice!

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Hi All,

I'd appreciate any advice, especially if you've had a similar issue. I had razor cuts for awhile with great success, and then one absolutely terrible one! It made my loose ringlet curls look like weird waves!

Any advice for what haircut to request (aside from no razor lol), how to style in the meantime, what products? I've tried cream and it's weird for me--mousse has always been the only thing that really works. Hairspray helps a little, but feels gross (and I prefer not using more than one product). I'm afraid I'll have to just suck it up til my hair fully grows back from the cut :(

Thanks very much!


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    I'm in the same position. My lovely stylist decided to razor cut my hair this last time. I have frizz very where. I would say have it recut. I would have but I had her cut it really short. So what I've been doing is styling it the best I can, letting it air dry and ever now and then cut a small amount of the razored edges. There's a way to cut hair listed in the curly girl book.
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    Funny you mention it; I'm in the same boat. Let someone else cut my hair for the first time in a long while, and she over did it with the thinning sheers and razor, and I ended up with thin, stringy, frizzy waves in place of my thick, clumped curls, and I didn't really have a problem with friz until this haircut. As far as I know there aren't any miracle products, I use the same as I did before. Gel and leave in, and sometimes wax in my bangs. For the first week or two I would put a little wax on the ends to hold them together.

    I've been making a point to take extra good care of it, I'm avoiding heat best I can aside from my bangs, just deep condtioned, ect. I've also been setting my curls up in braids and two-stranded twists, it helps with shapping the curl, and cutting back on frizz. All that aside there's not a whole lot you can besides wait for it to grow back and trim the razored ends gradually as they grow out. Like Nikki said there's a method of cutting explained in the curly girl book if you are so inclined. :D I wish you luck though! Sorry you had to go through it too. >.<
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    Thank you both for the tips! :) I'll definitely take a look at the curly girl book. And never let anyone use a razor on me again lol!
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    You're welcome. :) Let me know if anything works out for you. I'm trying out some spiral curling rods while I sleep to see if it helps any with my limp curls.