Trimming hair for growth?

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Hi :)
I'm growing out my chin-length hair and haven't had it cut in a few months. I planned to not get a haircut for a while, but I heard you have to trim in order for optimal hair growth. However, my stylist is wonderful but ALWAYS go way too short no matter what I say. My friend said she could do it...but I have layers, and that might be a problem. Is it worth the risk to go to my stylist, asking my friend to cut it despite the layers, or should I just leave it be and not cut it at all?

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    id say leave it, let it grow cant be damaged yet?
    if I do go to a stylist (which I dont anymore) i take a ruler with me to sho them how long MY inch is.
    alsoif you want an inch taken off, tell them you want a half inch, that way if they cut 3/4 you wont go away upset.
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    You might add the term "dust" to your hair vocabulary too. That means the stylist literally takes so little off the ends it looks like dust. I know it's kind of silly to pay for a haircut and lose no hair. But if you want to freshen up without taking length that might be worth trying. I have been dusting every few months for a year and my hair has had a chance to grow.

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    Girl I'm in the same boat. I'm growing out my hair and it has grown so much I'm liking it so much better now BUT I need a trim bad. My hairstylist always cuts way too much and it's so layered I can't do it myself or let a friend do it :-( So right now I'm just rocking the split ends like they're in style LOL.
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    When I was old enough to take over care of my own hair from my mother, the only real change I made was regularly trimming split ends from my hair. Back then, I didn't know anything about curly hair care, so I was still using sulfates and silicones as well as blow-drying and using hot-rollers when I wanted to "do" my hair for an occasion. Just that one change (trimming the split ends) made all the difference though -- My hair grew to elbow length for the first time in my life!

    Of course it wasn't difficult then since I was starting off with shoulder length hair; pulling sections of it forward to see split ends and cut them off was easy. Now I'm in the same boat as others who want their hair to grow but seem to get too much cut off when they go to their stylist. I guess if your hair's not damage/doesn't have split ends, I agree with the suggestion that you keep putting off getting a professional trim.

    Btw, in The Curly Girl Handbook, there's a chapter on cutting your own hair. Re-reading that this past week gave me courage to trim this one section of hair that was bothering the heck out of me. It came out pretty good! (Although I'm fighting the urge to trim off just a little more :p)
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    I am in a similar situation! After a horrible experience with DevaCut, I had to have my hair re-cut in order to "fix" the uneven mess DevaCut gave me! So now I'm growing out and trying to take the best care of my hair possible to avoid damage.

    Something I have learned is that there is no reason to cut your hair if it is not damaged (unless you want a different shape or style, of course). Trimming does not make your hair grow any faster and it doesn't change your hair's properties. If your hair is manageable and your ends are not dry/damaged, then let it be :happy8:

    The one thing I would recommend if you aren't getting cuts as frequently is giving your hair extra TLC to avoid damage from happening. I do weekly DTs and avoid head styling and the like.

    Good luck!!
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